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“Home office”: a new way of working

Home office is simply to say to work from home. It means employees setup a workplace at their home. From there, they can communicate via E-Mail and phone with their employer and satisfy the aims and tasks from workplace. Also, there are many conditions for doing Home Office. For people, who work on the building site or as a doctor, Home office is less or not possible at all. Home office is more for people, who work in the IT industry or have a creative job. Also, for people with a long way to work, Home office is good alternate. When you work from home, you should be reachable for your boss or your colleagues. Further it is an advantage, when a specially room existent. This room should be equipped with ergonomic furniture, so you can better work all day without problems.

Most of you have much questions about Home office. This article answers the following five important question, what should you know about Home office. The first question is: Who pays for home office?  The agreement between the employee and the employer is important here. Normally, the employee provided with the necessary materials by the company. Among them a computer from the company, to be able to access the data. Question number two is:  How is the working time and are you allowed to take a break? The working time is laid down in the Working hours Act. It is important to document work time every day in order to provide proof for your supervisor. Furthermore, everybody is also allowed to take the regular breaks, like employee who do not use home office. The next important question is: Who is only liable in an accident? You are secure by the statutory accident insurance. This also applies to employees who work from home as well as to the workers in the workplace. However, there are special exceptions too. The statutory accident insurance doesn´t apply, if you are during private things in the working hours as well as when you go to the toilette or make you some tea or coffee in the kitchen. The following question is very interesting: Can the Boss control your work at home? The answer is Yes! He must do that. He has to control the working place. But there should be an access authorization with rules for working from home. It includes rules, when and how often he takes control and guidelines for occupational health and safety. The last question is: How to change the employment contract? Written regulation is recommended. An oral agreement goes too. Typically, an additional section is entered in the employment contract for this purpose.

In the next part, I would like to tell you some advantages and disadvantages about home office. I begin with the disadvantages. When you are working from home you have less contact to your colleges. That means you may be missing important information and it has a certain loneliness effect. For home office you need much self-motivation, a good time management and a high self-employment. At your working place your boss can control your work. And less control is a negative factor for many supervisors too. This is also a disadvantage for home office. Now some advantages for working at home. You have no long ways to work. This also saves travel costs. You have less peer to peer distractions. At home you have a quiet environment for your work and the supervisor does not have to set up a work centre. At the end we can say, working from home has many advantages but many disadvantages too. You have much to think about, if you want to work from home.

At the last part, I want to tell you my own opinion about home office and give three tips and tricks for working from home.  In my opinion, home office is a good alternative to the normal working life. But I don’t want to work only from home. It has many advantages to work at home but still certain things are missing. At work, I have less distractions and can concentrate fully on the important things. At home, I could quickly get distracted by household and other factors. Nevertheless, it is a good change to do my work from home. I have experienced that it is difficult to deal with just one thing. Usually there are a thousand things you can do in the same time. I worked at home to finish my first student research in the first semester. By the way, I cleaned up, went shopping or dawdled around. But I finished it well and I was glad that I got such a chance. Still motivated to stay that way, I also have a hard time. Therefore, now I have three tips and tricks for you, how it works better. Tip number one: Go mental to work. When you go mental to work you have the priorities, that you have already done your worksheet. So, you don´t allow distraction. Tip number two: Use communication tools. It´s important to keep in contact with your colleges. So, you get all information you needed. And the last tip:  End the day like you’re going to work.  You don’t need to work all day, when you are at home. Work six hours a day and you are more productive.

Enjoy it 😊

Editor’s note: An editorial review is still pending for this text.